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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Lego Network :Raanu's, Tarix's and Berix's Cached Product Page

To get the Vulcanus Torch and the Vulcanus Torch Flame in MLN, you need Raanu's Product page, but it does not exist anymore.But don't
worry!The cached version of the product page is right here.
As for Tarix's Seal ,Tarix's and Berix's product page is needed,right?
Their cached product page is here:
These are the links to their product pages.But you MUST log into your LEGO account or it will not work!
Check your MLN account's mailbox after that.Keep visiting Tarix's and Berix's product page to get the artifacts needed for Tarix's seal.
Remember!Click the bottom-right corner that has the icon of the Agori Honor Badge.
Good luck on getting the Ultimate Agori Honor Badge!


  1. When I try Terix's and I click the agori simble It comes out of Berix's instead.Whats wrong?I get items for Berix instead.

  2. Actually, Berix is the Agori supplying the materials even if you click Tarix Product page you will still receive the stuff from Berix, not Tarix.